Plant - Calathea louisae 'Freddy'

Plant - Calathea louisae 'Freddy'

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Calathea louisae 'Freddy'

'Freddy' is a compact, low growing foliage plant with light green narrow leaves and dark green veins.  

A slow growing plant making it ideal for smaller pots but can be repotted into a larger pot once it has out grown its current container.  It tolerates low light and fairly low water.

Water when soil feels dry or plant starts to droop.  Keep soil moist but not wet, watering more in summer and less in winter.

Pot Diameter: 120 mm 

If you would like this plant sent to your home, please leave us a note when ordering so that we can organise the price of the courier it to you.

All are plants are measured by the pot size so sometimes the plant itself may be larger or smaller than shown in the photo.  Unfortunately this is dependant on what plants we receive instore.  The photo is meant to just be a representation of the colour and variety of the plant and the pot size.  We always will try and choose and send the best looking and largest plants we have at the time and plants are usually approximately the same size as the photo.  Remember plants grow too so if it's slightly smaller, it won't take long to be bigger if it loves the spot you have for it.

SHIPPING: Our plants are shipped around Tasmania via a local courier, so we are unable to  send to PO Boxes sorry.  We can estimate shipping for you at time of checkout, but we will give you a fully accurate courier quote once you have purchased.  Thanks.