Pot Plant Biscuits (cookies)

Pot Plant Biscuits (cookies)

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Our brand new pot plant biscuits are here!  We couldn't resist having a plant theme for our new range.  These are lovely vanilla cookies with a hint of lemon icing. Irresistable and gorgeous!

Locally made in Hobart, Tasmania.  Perfect little somethings to include in a gift. Designed and made especially for us at VERDE

If you love our Map of Tasmania biscuit then let us know as  we are taking orders.    They can have different writing on them.  Minimum 8 biscuits.  These are vanilla with a hint of lemon icing.

The gin biscuits here are a special edition we have done for our VERDE diy GIN KITS which are on special during ISO and come with the free biscuit.

Pot PLant Biscuit:  10x6 cm    Martini glasses  9x9cm   Map of Tasmania  10x10 approx cm