diy GIN KIT by Verde
diy GIN KIT by Verde
diy GIN KIT by Verde
diy GIN KIT by Verde
diy GIN KIT by Verde

diy GIN KIT by Verde

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Also now available in our Lush Gold Box or Summer White Box.

Make your own Gin & Create your very own Gin label at home!

At Verde, we love gin and wanted nothing more than to create our own, so the DIY Gin Kit was born.  Gin has a long history of being created from simple botanicals with infusion methods using Juniper Berries as the core flavour, and this is exactly how this kit works. 

Our Verde DIY Gin Kit has everything you need to get started.

Just add in a bottle of vodka as your inert alcohol.  Experiment and enjoy.  It is great fun, only takes 24-36 hours and gives you lots of scope for creativity.  All the botanicals and equipment you need is supplied. We have used the best quality, fresh botanical ingredience, found recycled glass bottles and long lasting kit equipment.  Create great tasting artisan Gin that you can enjoy as an inhouse speciality or give away as gifts and impress your friends.

Our original Gin Kit comes with the classic gin botanicals mix made from quality frish botanicals and you can always purchase extras when you’re running low. We have also developed two new speciality botanical mixes so you can have some fun & experiment more as you get experienced.

An exciting Pink Party Gin Botanical mix great for summer and parties.

Our special Tasmania Inspired botanicals mix for a clean wilderness experience.

Our diy Gin Kits come with great instructions, a potted gin history so you know what you're up against & some great drink recipes to enhance your gin experience.  Try them all, you'll love them!

Available now.   Please choose which box colour you would like.  All the kits are the same but come in different boxes for all occassions & personalities.

Made, designed & created in Tasmania, Australia.  Exclusive to Verde Hobart. Tasmanian DIY Gin Kit by @verde_hobart