Hi there! 

I’m Karen, and I’m the face behind Verde, our store based in West Hobart with views of the city and the mountain.   We just love living in Tasmania and being inspired by the natural beauty and easy living here.

I am a garden designer and agricultural scientist, so plants & gardening are my thing, as you might have seen if you have visited us instore or checked out our social media!  I also like reading, long lunches, wine tasting, & beach holidays as well as beautiful things & sharing them with all our customers.  Verde grew from the enjoyment of working with my design clients and finding things for them that they love for their home & garden that bring them joy everyday.

Our desire is to inspire your creative energies & our range of homewares, furniture, gifts, pots & plant, clothing & jewellery are diverse, eclectic, great quality and sourced from all over the world.   At Verde we love to encourage and support local makers, artisans and international fair trade organisations.  We also love natural & sustainable products, textures and concepts. We also want our products to be utilitarian, an alternative to the 'throw away' items in a busy world so they have longevity and value.

Your home is your haven & we aim to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience and the opportunity to enhance your world with traditional, contemporary or classic pieces.

So always feel free to send us a hello or any questions you might have – we do love a chat too!.

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting our family owned business.



One of our greatest challenges in retail is the sheer volume of packaging & single use plastic used for products whether they are coming to us or we are sending to you   So, we made a commitment over 10 years ago when we started in retail to do all we could to decrease, recycle and reuse our packaging and we continue to find ways to do this.

When you buy from us, we wrap and send your parcel in recycled or reused packaging.  We reuse all our bubble wrap, plastic wrap, paper wrap and cornstarch pack bubbles & lots of our cardboard boxes that come to us.  We haven’t bought or purchased any of these for over 10 years.  We often get beautiful or fun wrapping from our Japanese suppliers and we always love reusing this for your packages.

Recently we have been thrilled to be able to start to use compostable satchels to send your goodies.  

Our local community are also fantastic and know we will give whatever we can to them to reuse.  So, quite a few of our cardboard boxes & excess packaging materials regularly go to them as well as to our local schools for using for craft and other projects.

The wrapping paper we use is from recycled paper or from end of print runs.  All our printing, cards, certificates etc are also created using recycled paper.  Our customers are great too and support us by usually bringing their own bags to shop with us.

 We hope this gives confidence that when you receive a package from us, we are trying our hardest to make sure we are slowing or eliminating the use of single use plastic on our beautiful planet.  We hope you can also find a way to reuse or recycle the packaging materials when they come to you.    Thankyou x