Five Home Trend Predictions for 2022

In the retail shopkeepers world, we spend lots of time behind the scenes coordinating and curating our collections of products to bring to you instore.  A lot of our stock has to be ordered far in advance of when we want it to start arriving - we start thinking & ordering Christmas in February!  All this forward thinking means we have to try and predict the future a little bit every year or at least be a little aware of where we think ideas, trends and colours are heading. For a long time, my staff have pestered me to do a proper write up of the trends & concepts I think are going to be important, beautiful and relevant, and this year I've finally given in - so here it is!

The trend cycle of interiors has shifted a bit over the last few years as we've all been spending more time indoors than ever before. We seem to be moving away from the minimalist ideals of having totally clear surfaces and instead embracing, enjoying and displaying some of our delightful things in small collections at a time. There's a focus on comfort, as well as how much beauty and joy we can find in our everyday spaces where we spend quite a bit of time. How we feel about being in our house has become more important, and the trends that are coming in this year continue to reflect that - we believe they're all about fluffy boucle furniture, warm earthy tones, layers of comfort and a celebration of personal and handmade items curated into collections. Here's our top 5 predictions for 2022.


Boucle (a fluffy fabric made from looped yarn) might have its trend origins in the 1950s or even earlier, but look out it's back in this year. We've already seen it begin to gain some popularity in the tail end of 2021 as people move to embrace the warmth and comfort it brings to a space - as well the nostalgia!

It really does look great used for furniture, and the focus will be on chairs, lounges, bedheads, benches & cushions. It mixes & matches beautifully in any room & then you can add a personal touch or your own style with throws, rugs & other cushions. We'll mostly see boucle in luxurious creams and winter whites, with maybe a few warm tones like terracotta and dusky pink coming through, mixed with some natural wood touches. Keep an eye out for our upcoming furniture catalogue - we've included a few irresistible must-have pieces.

I'm going to buck the trend a little this year and go away from the pantone colour trend and say the most interesting colours this year will be in the green zones, mainly in the sage green or eucalypt green tones.

Sage green is certainly coming through as the colour of the moment, but we're keener on the sages in the deeper zone of the colour, with a bit of depth and interest.  Look further than just paint for this versatile colour - we're also looking at ceramics and vases, candles, dinnerware, planters and lovely little shelf knick-knacks.

Green & sage tones are such an excellent colour zone to introduce into the home because of its incredible adaptability. It can lean easily into more earthy tones, grey or blue tones, or it can be an accent colour in a more neutral or cool-toned space. It truly is the best of both worlds, inhabiting that lovely liminal space between the colour families. It's also calming, gives a feeling of luxury and can give lovely depth to a room or piece of furniture.

We would expect to see the green colours to start coming through and tie in beautifully with textures & patterns in sages and eucalypt particularly in fabrics, soft furnishings and cushions. 

Textiles will start to show more soft dreamy garden florals, even a bit of paisley or abstract blotches all with beautiful green backgrounds, tones & highlights. 

Gingham will continue to rise in popularity, alongside striped and textured cushions. It's going to be all about meshing comfort and beauty, with a continuation of velvet or raised and fluffed textures on cushions, and some 80's style splashes of colour (though a little more muted this time around) to brighten spaces, especially in the earthier tones. We're looking to combine eucalypt greens, terracotta, creamy whites, terracotta pinks and sage green connections that translates from the indoor plant and pot trends of the last few years. 

We're also expecting some interesting textures to appear in shelf-styling items, like ceramic vases and pots in a more soft, feminine style, featuring curved and tapered designs; inspirations from shapes in nature; coloured glass; and side & coffee tables designed with a more tactile, engaging form in mind. Texture and silhouette are hugely important in shaping a comfortable and beautiful home, and it can be these small touches that make all the difference in bringing a space together. 


There's been a big focus in the last few years on decluttering our spaces to allow more room for joyful decoration in our homes. Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm, but now that we've all spent the time tidying up, we're starting to look at how we do want the things we've kept to inhabit our homes.

This year will be about learning to put collections together so that we don't have clutter, but still have our beautiful, joyful items & collections on display. Grouping your things in collections - whether according to colour, style, texture, emotion, likeness or some combination of these - is a perfect way to keep clutter out of your home. You can display different collections in different spaces (perhaps a more jungle or beach oriented collection in the bathroom, for example, with an earthier and cosier style in the living room), and you can also put away and bring out collections according to the time of year or your sense of evolving style.

Keeping pieces that are beautiful and special to you that you have lovingly collected is always worth doing, but sometimes they don't lend themselves to being on display all the time - especially if you're a little short on space, or need to adapt areas of your house for the sake of the home office. 

A big part of the idea of curated collections in the home is incorporating  handmade items whether made by us or artisan made. Increasingly  as a collective we are returning to making things by hand, even if we don't have much experience doing so.

Ceramics have been on the rise, with good reason - there's nothing so satisfying as making a mug or dish by hand, putting our own individual stamp on it and using it daily.   But it does require a bit of equipment and learning-curve, so we're seeing a renewed interest in made art that's more simple to create at home.

The almost lost arts painting, letter-writing, baking, crocheting, paper making and textile creation are back in full swing. Sometimes (maybe a little more than sometimes!) the things we make turn out a little imperfect, but it tends to be part of the charm. Perfectly Imperfect is a real thing and we know we see this in nature.  A little bit of roughness around the edges hardly detracts from the delight in being able to make a physical object with your hands that is wholly your own. 


Indoor plants certainly aren't going anywhere & I'd say we're well adjusted now to the jungle of plants that we've welcomed into our home. I'm not expecting any huge plant trends changes this year, as it's still difficult to get our hands on the more unique varieties. Stick to plants that are easy to care for in your environment and look great unless you have a passion for collecting unique and interesting ones of course.

Something we are seeing with plants is to start collecting a mix of faux and real plants in the home & especially in commercial zones like offices. Here in Tassie there are plenty of varieties that are difficult to keep alive & thriving due to our cooler living spaces & ambient temperature changes through the year.  I honestly never thought I would say it but sometimes faux plants are easier and better & I do encourage people to use them when suitable.

Top Tip:  Shop around for the good looking faux plants you might want to add to your collection though - some of them are incredible quality, and blend right in to your real plants, bolstering your jungle without the difficulty of looking after them.  Beware though, there are some pretty awful fake plants around still, ones that stand out as imposters in an instant. Whether or not you want to go the faux/real route, quality is always the way to go to maximise the allure and grace of your collections and home. 

The pots & vessels you pop everything into will continue to sit in the classic colour ranges.  White, blush, terracotta, warm greens that are echoed in wider home styling and decor.  You might see them coming through in deep coloured glass or mirrored glass finishes.  Terrazzo and classic colours will continue to hold ground though.

Home trends are one of the things we (of course) love to keep an eye on and help usher in, and we hope you've gained a bit of insight into the in-coming trends and how you might incorporate them into your own home this year. A few on trend choice pieces can be an inexpensive way to lend a whole new look through rooms that need a bit of a zhuzh.

Let us know how you go - send us an email at, or tag us on Instagram at @verde_hobart. Happy styling! 




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