Make your own gin at home with our fab DIY gin kits! Turn run-of-the-mill vodka into a delicious, alchemical blend of juniper berries and botanicals.

Get started with the essentials kit and our classic botanicals - and then experiment to your heart's content with our in-house blends, cocktail garnishes, and subscription boxes!

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G&T lovers, step up and try your hand at (unpretentious) mixology!

With your own two hands, turn run-of-the-mill vodka into a delicious Gin in your own kitchen.
I dare you to tell me it's not magic.
Mix and match our hand-selected botanical bundle, then set up your lab with instruments from our DIY Gin Kit.
Supply your own favourite vodka (2 x 700ml bottles) and watch it transform into nectar.
You can't mess it up; the more you drink, the better it tastes.
Our DIY Gin Kits mean you make your very own artisan Gin at home
and we offer free shipping all over Australia.

The essential starter box

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Gin Crafters Subscription Box

We can't get enough of DIY gin, and who can blame us!

When the gin-making bug bites, our gin crafters subscription box is the perfect way to get your monthly fix of gin making (and drinking!).

With a unique set of botanicals every box, a new cocktail recipe, specialty mixers and fabulous garnishes, you'll have everything you need to make and enjoy your own artisan gin year-round.

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