Looking after indoor plants during winter

I've popped a little video together to help with those plants that are just not performing or sulking in winter rooms.  

🍀We’ve had a few plant deaths lately instore - yep happens to us too! We’ve found the difference between night and day temperatures a real problem for keeping plants healthy at this time of year.  This is always a hazard for winter with heaters going on and off and warms becoming really cold overnight.
🌱Remember check how wet the soil is before you water!  Usually sulky or dying plants are underwatered or overwatered, but cold rooms can make it a little more challenging.

🪴If you have a war/hot room with a heater going all the time then your plants may need watering more regularly 🍃 the air will be really dry with constant heating and this will make your plants dry.

🪴 If however you have cool rooms in winter it’s good to make sure you don’t overwater. 🍃keep an eye out for fungus and moulds in the roots and lower stems
🍃When it’s time to water try & water thoroughly so the soil profile is fully wet, drain well and pop back into place.

🪴Your plants are almost as sensitive to hot an cold as we are. They just don’t have a puffer jacket to pop on when they get cold so keep an eye on them. It’s normal to have all these problems with your indoor plants in winter but with care most of it is fixable.

Enjoy 🪴💚

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