Looking After Indoor Plants During Winter

With the cooler weather really starting to make itself felt, we’ve had a few plant deaths instore these past few weeks - yep, it happens to us too! We’ve found the difference between night and day temperatures a real problem for keeping plants healthy at this time of year. This is always a hazard for autumn and winter with heaters going on and off and warm rooms becoming really cold overnight. So I've popped together a video for you all about cold weather plant care, so you can avoid those dreaded wilted winter leaves. Have a look at our tips and tricks, and let us know how you go with them! 
it's all about watering!
🍃Our number one tip is, remember to check how wet the soil is before you water! Usually sulky or dying plants are underwatered or overwatered, but cold rooms can make it a little more challenging to keep track of when plants need to be watered. We always recommend popping your finger into the soil (up to about the second knuckle) to check if the soil is damp or dry. If it's damp, it's best to leave the plant for a bit longer before you water, but if it feels dry then it's time for a soak. Try not to let you plants get bone-dry before you water, though. Alternating periods of very dry and very wet can stress plants out, so it's all about finding that balance!  

plants in cold rooms
🍃If you have cool rooms in winter it’s good to make sure you don’t overwater. Keep an eye out for fungus and moulds in the roots and lower stems in the colder weather. The soil won't be drying out as quickly, which can make your plants prone to some root rot - which is absolutely not what you want! When it’s time to water try & water thoroughly so the soil profile is fully wet, drain well and pop back into place.
plants in hot rooms
🍃If you have a warm/hot room with a heater going all the time then your plants may need watering more regularly since the air will be really dry with constant heating and this will make your plants dry. Keep an eye on the soil, and just as with the plants in a cool room, try and give the plants a thorough water, wetting the full soil profile, let them have a good drain in the sink, and then pop them back into their spots. 

 🍃 Autumn can be the perfect time to give your plants a fertilise to boost their growth and keep them happy over winter. It's important to make sure it's only a very gentle fertilise at this time of the year, though - too much and you can burn your plants, leaving them stressed and likely killing them. We recommend using a tonic like these ones from Munash or The Plant Runner. For your autumn fertilise, just use around half of what the instructions recommend to give your plants a little bit of nutritious goodness without overwhelming them!

Your plants are almost as sensitive to hot and cold as we are, they just don’t have a puffer jacket to pop on when they get cold, so we have to keep an extra eye on them! It’s normal to have all these problems with your indoor plants in winter but with care most of it is easily fixable. Check out our video, where I run you through all the steps above. Good luck, and enjoy! 🍃🍃🍃

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