EST Soap Balls

EST Soap Balls

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The Est range of hand made olive oil soap is lovingly produced from the highest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, springwater, 1st grade essential oils and organic grains, herbs, spices & flowers. Additional cold pressed oils are added as further nourishment for the skin. Herbs, flowers and grains give texture and act as gentle and natural exfoliants. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and trace elements and provides excellent nourishment for the skin. It produces a very mild, moisturising, long lasting superior quality soap with a rich and creamy lather.

Est soap is free from artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, preservatives and foaming agents making it ideal for frequent handwashing.

It is entirely handmade and hand rolled giving it a rustic and unique look.

Approximately 95g each

Handmade in Melbourne.

$10 each