Beautiful terrariums : little lands of greenery

Terrarium :  a sealed transparent globe or similiar glass container in which plants are grown.  (Oxford Dictionary)  noun. /teˈreəriəm      "tuh" + "RAIR" + "ee" + "uhm"    

We have been fascinated by the little lands of terrariums for years now and have perfected the art of putting together plants that thrive and love the terrarium environment. These little green lands enclosed in glass add such gorgeous greenery to any space. Our Verde terrariums filled with plants, moss and rocks and other finds are all made inhouse so vary constantly but always have that gorgeous green lush look.  

Verde Terrariums

Some are open and some closed. They create their own little microclimates to suit our carefully selected terrarium plants. 

Verde Terrarium Assorted

Despite popular opinion, caring and getting a terrarium to thrive is actually quite easy when you follow a few simple steps and all our terrariums come with a care sheet with easy instructions to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and to make it easy for you !

Tips for caring for terrariums

Our terrariums are changing constantly due to new glass ware of all different sizes, new plants we find and playing with  combinations of plants to find the best look. Often they don't make it to our online store as they sell quite quickly although we do try and keep a few online for you to see. 

If you are ever in need of a terrarium, just get in touch (give us a ring instore) and we can talk you through what's available and even text some photos of what's available at the time.

Verde Terrarium Close up

Verde Terrarium Wrapped

Verde signature

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