Weekly roundup - Karen's Favourite Five.

Each week, Karen chooses her favourite five items from the Verde Store - just so you can see lovely new things and don't miss anything. This week's selection is an eclectic mix of old classics and gorgeous must haves for the home.

A gardening classic - wooden trugs 

I began my favourite five this week with a classic garden staple – beautiful wooden garden trugs. I use them for putting my tools and gloves in them but they’re also great for picking herbs and veggies and helping with all of your garden tasks. They’re well made, beautiful, and come in small and large – good to have one of each.

Verde Store Karen with Wooden Trug

Brighten up your table with a gorgeous pink cake stand

This gorgeous bowl/plate screams afternoon tea with berries and cream, or it could be a stunning fruit bowl. The fluted glass suggests an Art Deco vibe – so lovely on the table as the weather gets warmer.

Verde Store Karen with Pink Glass Bowl

Gorgeous Tassie handmade all natural EST Soap Balls

We’ve had these in the store since day one, they’re such beautiful soaps. Hand made in Tasmania, great to use every day, they’re lovingly made from the highest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, spring water, 1st grade essential oils and organic grains, herbs, spices & flowers.

My favourite is a garden one that contains a natural exfoliant that makes your hands feel smooth and smell gorgeous.

Verde Store Karen EST Soap Balls
Gold Turtle Trinket Box

This gorgeous golden turtle can be opened up to hide your little keepsakes and trinkets. Made from aluminium to keep him light with a brushed gold finish, this little turtle is super cute - so charming and stylish.

Verde Store Karen Gold Antique Turtle

Show off your blooms in this large statement vase

Last but not least, this great sized statement decorative vase is perfect to showcase your fresh or faux flowers or green leaves from the garden. I like to put a small glass vase in it to hold my arrangements, chicken wire works well too. Made from a ceramic composite to keep it light while retaining the quality of ceramic.

Verde Store Karen Ornamental Vase

Hope you love these!. You can find them all online at our Fav5 section.

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