Karen's top 10 instore as we get closer to Christmas Gift Giving

In the lead up to Christmas, Karen has promised us a weekly top 10 to keep those gift ideas coming.

This week, Karen shows us Christmas gift  ideas for every budget, from practical and beautiful little gifts to gorgeous decorative pieces for the home, there's something for everyone.

Must-have Advent Calendars with Belgian Milk Chocolates

There's nothing quite like the excitement of an advent calendar - and these ones are made all the better by featuring delicious, high-quality Belgian chocolates. From the 1st to the 24th of December, enjoy a little treat everyday. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

Verde Advent Calendars Belgian Chocolate
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Beautiful shell mosaic stool 

These absolutely gorgeous shell mosaic stools are back in-store, they are a favourite of ours. They work so well as a great looking side table, perfect for displaying a few special items or finishing a room. 

Shell mosaic stool

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Gorgeous star candle holders

These delightful little glass star shaped candle holders are perfect for our wish candles, which measure 1.25cm in diameter and around 10cm high. These holders are subtle but beautiful. Made from clear glass they're terrific to use during Advent or to create a festive atmosphere in the home or to finish a table setting. 

Verde Star Candle Holders
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Terrazzo Coasters

These gorgeous terrazzo coasters are both practical and beautiful. With a cork backing to prevent any scratching, they are suitable for use on any surface. Sturdy and well weighted, they are beautifully finished - perfect for morning coffee or evening drinks. We have lots of these in stock in different colours and finishes.
Verde Terrazzo Coasters
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Little spoons make great gifts

Karen asked some customers what they would include in the top 10, and Brad has said that he loves these little spoons. We have a great selection of lovely spoons, but these seem to be a favourite. Great for salt, sugar, or even mustard or condiments, these make great little gifts, especially when paired with a little bowl.

Verde Vintage spoons
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The fabulous Sharky Brush for the beach goer

We love a good quality brush here at Verde, and this is one of our favourites. Our new 'sharky' brush clips onto your beach bag, and when you're ready to get back into the car or shack, use to brush off the sand off your feet and legs. So practical and gorgeous. Made in Germany from FSC beech wood and light horse hair.

Verde Sharky Brush

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Travel Picnic Table

This is a fabulous little portable picnic table, perfect for picnicking in style. The legs fold up and out, and the table safely holds a wine bottle and four wine glasses. Great to use with our stemmed acrylic glasses. It comes with a cheese and pate knife. Great to take to the beach or gardens or wherever you want to drink and dine alfresco.

Karen Verde Picnic Table

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Can't go past our EST natural handmade soap balls

Another lovely customer, Ness, suggested we include our lovely natural handmade soap balls in our top 10. These are a favourite of ours and would always be in our top 10 for  customers. They smell divine, are all natural, made from olive oil and first grade essential oils, they last a long time, especially if you keep them dry when not in use. They make a great little gift, perfect paired with a face washer or hand towel.

Verde EST Soap Balls

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Beautiful oak framed seaside prints 

We have these beautiful seaside prints, finished in a textured oil paint style, and framed in oak, they are the complement to any space. The impressionist influence of the print evokes a sense of timeless style, while the subject itself suggests the calming feeling of being near the coast. Perfect for featuring in a living space or bedroom. We have three to choose from and they look fabulous all hung in a line together either vertically or horizontally!

Seaside prints with Oak Frame

Great selection of festive hand balms and bath salts

We have these fabulous festive hand balms that are made in Australia and contain no nasties. Beautifully moisturising, they make a great little gift. We also have these gorgeous gift packs, some for just the hands and others for hands and body. Perfect gifts to send to someone special. 

Verde Hand Balms

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