Weekly Roundup – Karen's Favourite 10 (acutally 20!) – Kris Kringle

Christmas is coming! As well as Kris Kringle...

At this time of year, when we love to give a small gift for parties, staff and friends, it's great to have a few fabulous ideas up your sleeve. 
We have popped together our top 20 Kris Kringle gift ideas from beautiful things instore.  Lovely gifts that suit anyone, that are useful, beautiful, and really well priced. 

This week, on our faves on instagram, Karen takes us through 10 Kris Kringle gift ideas mostly under $20 – quality gifts that people will love but at a great price.  As a bonus, we have included an extra 10 gift ideas in the blog - there's something for everyone!

Candles and candle holders so versatile and make a beautiful gift

Our wonderful double glass candle holders look absolutely beautiful, you can place a tea light in one end and a table candle in the other. We have a great range of both glass holders and candles, they make a great little gift at a great price.

Verde Karen holding Candle and holder

Verde Christmas Biscuits - an old family favourite reimagined

Throughout the year, we get these specialty biscuits made locally, using my Mum's beautiful vanilla biscuit recipe, which is a family favourite. This year, our biscuit maker has created these delightful prancing reindeer and star biscuits. Both are under $10. Great to pair with a cute little Japanese bowl (see below).Verde Christmas Biscuits

Visit us in-store to grab these gorgeous biscuits, or text, call or dm us to order! 

Pure Tasmanian honey and wooden honey spoon

These honey's from Bruny Island are delicious & we love that they are locol. Collected from bees feasting on a variety of trees such as Blue Gum, Eucalyptus, Banksia, Tea Tree and Leather Wood, creating a collection of delectable flavour profiles unique to Tasmania. Paired with a wooden honey spoon, this would make a perfect little gift.

Tasmanian Honey and wooden honey dipper

Great little drinks books, perfect for the festive season

These little books are terrific, they have little facts about each drink, as well as a few recipes. Great for anyone who loves a tipple.
Verde Little cocktail books

Visit us in-store to pick up one of these great little books, or text, call or DM us to order!  

Dried Citrus Wheels cocktail garnish - not just for cocktails

We do these freeze dried citrus wheels every year, they dress up your cocktails, or top a cake or even dress up the Christmas tree! They're available in 30g or 50g in our Australian Made home-compostable bags, and come in 4 varieties: blood orange, lemon, lime and orange. These would be great paired with our little drinks book, a little Japanese bowl or our vanilla Christmas cookies. We even put them on our Christmas tree this year and they look super!

Verde Cocktail Garnishes dried citrus wheels

Irresistable Gin Ornaments

We love these little gin bottle Christmas ornaments. They make a great little gift on their own, or would be terrific paired with our dried citrus wheels, or little drinks books. We are also using them to wrap our Verde DIY gin kits. (yep you heard right - make your own gin at home!)

Verde Christmas Gin Ornament

Must-have wooden toast tongs

Every single household needs one of these to stop those impatient fingers grabbing toast out of the hot toaster. Leave them sitting near your toaster, they look great and make the perfect little gift.

Verde Toast Tongs Wooden

Gorgeous Wooden Nut Cracker

These nut crackers are beautifully made, they look gorgeous, and would make a fun little gift for a work mate or acquaintance or for when you're not quite sure what to get. Can't go wrong at $14!

Verde Wooden Nut Cracker

Visit us in-store to see these beautiful nut crackers, or text, call or dm us to order! 

Pair these stunning little Japanese bowls with all sorts of things 

We get these gorgeous little Japanese bowls in on a regular basis, and they're just perfect for a beautiful yet practical little gift. You could put a little chocolate or biscuits in them, pair them with tea or a lovely spoon or local honey.  They make a great little gift that people would actually keep & use and we love beautiful and practical.

Verde Small Japanese Bowls

Visit us in-store to see our lovely selection of Japanese bowls, or text, call or DM us to order!  

Perfect combination - Gorgeous face washer and lush hand cream  

Our range of towels come in constantly as they don't usually last long! At the moment we have some great retro striped ones, in a lovely range of classic colours. Grab a lovely face washer and pair it with a beautiful Australian hand cream, making a colourful, useful and lush little gift for someone. 

Verde Washer and hand balm

As promised, we've added an extra 10 gift ideas!

Hobart Whisky BBQ Sauce for the outdoor cook 

This is the yummiest BBQ sauce we've tasted for a long time. Perfect gift for the festive and BBQ season, it's made right here in Tasmania and once you've tried it, you won't want any other! Made by Hobart Whisky, they tell us it's inspired by Tasmania's natural beauty, pure water, pure air and great produce. Well balanced, rich and robust. Handmade using premium Tasmanian single malt whisky. (perfect on hamburgers!!)

Verde Hobart Whisky BBQ Sauce

Tasmanian Sea Salt Flakes

These salt flakes are perfect for the gourmet cook, and are derived from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the east coast of Tasmania. We have three wonderful flavours available - pepper berry, smoked and wakame seaweed. 

Tasmanian Sea Salt

Gorgeous and fun little chocolates

These milk chocolate sardinas are just adorable, looking like gourmet Spanish sardines, making them a fun little gift for the chocky lover. For something a little classier, our cacao nibs coated in dark chocolate come in a gorgeous little tin and would suit the serious chocolate connoisseur. Both would be great paired with our Japanese bowls.  

Verde Chocolate gifts

Visit us in-store or text, call or dm us to order our delicious cacao nibs! 

Gorgeous Japanese Tea Canisters

These beautiful metal Japanese tea canisters are perfect for keeping your loose leaf tea fresh and tasty and are one of our favourite go-to gifts. Hand painted with traditional designs, these would make a gorgeous little kris kringle gift.

Verde Japanese Tea caddy

Pâté Knives

This beautiful pâté knife is perfect for spreading your favourite pâté, spreads, dips or soft cheeses. Perfect little gift for the foodie in your life.

Verde Pate Knives

Visit us in-store to see our full range of Pâté Knives, or text, call or dm us to order! 

Verde Travel Tin Candles

These all-natural candles are made just for you right here in Hobart using the very best natural soy wax, cotton wicks and our favourite quality scents. Enjoy these lovely fragrances wherever you go with these handy travel tins. Each candle has been individually hand poured with 100% natural soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. Great little gift.

Verde Travel Candles

Delightful Ceramic Pot Hangers 

Our popular and very cute ceramic pot hangers are irresistable and bring a touch of joy to your indoor and outdoor pots. Hang these whimsical creatures off the edge of an indoor pot plant or even a mug or glass vase. Made of glazed ceramic, they are a little bit of fun and make a perfect gift for plant enthusiasts!

Verde Ceramic Pot Hangers

Visit us in-store to see our full range of adorable pot hangers, or text, call or DM us to order!  

Haws Handy Can - indoor watering can

If you saw our gardening favourite 10 a few weeks ago, you would know how much we love the original Haws watering cans. These indoor watering cans are a miniature reflection of the famous, much more expensive Haws watering cans. Perfect for watering indoor pots and delicate seedlings, as well as being a great gift for the child gardener. Available in 6 traditional colours. 

Fun and decorative rusty bird

Another one from our gardening favourite! We can't go past these little rusty birds. These rusty birds are really popular and are great to dot around the garden. 

Verde rusty birds

Visit us in-store to pick up a rusty bird, or text, call or DM us to order!  

Dress up the festive table with these decorative paper napkins

We have lots of decorative and Christmas themed paper napkins in store. They would make a great little gift and brighten up the holiday table. Great for a special picnic or BBQ.

Verde Paper napkins decorative

Visit us in-store to see our lovely selection of paper napkins, or text, call or DM us to order!  

Watch Karen's Kris Kringle Favourite 10

Hope you love these! You can find most of them all online & for a limited time at our Fav5 section.  

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