Our New Gin Crafter Subscription Box!

Over the last few years, you have really embraced and enjoyed our DIY Gin Kits and we have sent them all around Australia. If you haven't heard of them before, let me introduce you. Our Verde DIY Gin Kit is the perfect way for you to make your own artisan gin at home! Yep, gin making and creating right in your own kitchen. We use a steeping method and all the botanicals and equipment you need is in the gin kit. You supply some vodka as your inert alcohol and away you go - it's almost a little bit of magic.

Knowing how much fun you were having crafting gin yourselves, we wondered if making it together every month might be a great thing to do. We decided to create our subscription boxes, so that we can explore, share, create and make all sorts of gins and cocktails with you every month. 

Our Gin Crafters Subscription boxes are being launched today (fanfare here!!) and we couldn't be more excited and thrilled that we will get to make gin with you each month. We are also launching our private Facebook group for all our subscribers so we can get to know all our gin making friends, compare notes & tastings and give each other tips.  

We have created our subscription boxes so you can choose to do monthly or bi-monthly (if you don't really need gin every single month) and there are subscriptions to suit the weekender right through to the full on gin enthusiast like ourselves. We've got 3 marvelous boxes to choose from - take your pick!


Our Weekend Crafter box is for the casual maker who enjoys a tipple and dabbling in gin creation. Every month you'll get a new set of botanicals to try out, and a cocktail recipe card to go with them to enthuse you to try new ideas.


Then there is our Make Mine A Double box. This is for the gin-making cocktail enthusiast who enjoys sharing a tipple with friends. Every month you'll get a new set of botanicals to try out, a monthly cocktail recipe card to go with them, and a selection of our cocktail making essentials like garnishes, salt and sugar rims, or delicious mixers. 

Our best and biggest is the Ultimate Gin Party boxwhich is for the dedicated gin maker and lover. This box is all about the full experience of creating your gin, drinking and sharing. Use it to make fabulous cocktails to enjoy - and to impress your friends and family with! Sit, enjoy, drink gin, nibble snacks and know have the most fabulous mixers. Every month you'll get a new set of botanicals to try out, a cocktail recipe card to go with them, a selection of cocktail making essentials like garnishes, salt and sugar rims and delicious mixers, plus paired snacks to go with your cocktails or a selection of cocktail accessories - these might be beautiful glasses, special cocktail straws, or cocktail shakers.

We think these will make the best gifts for anyone remotely interesting in gin or creating their own artisan products at home. The benefit will hopefully be that they will share and send you lovely little tasting bottles of all the gin they make, or even invite you around regularly for tastings and cocktails!

We would love you to come and join us, craft your gin and have heaps of fun! We'll be including some special deals and gifts as we launch - keep an eye on your emails!

Made right here in Tasmania, our ingredients are all natural and fresh and our DIY Gin Kits and subscription boxes are lovingly created by our own hands, so we hope you love them as much as we do - oh and we have free shipping for all our subscription boxes!

Yippee! Make gin and have fun!

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