Trends Updates: Our Mid-Year Trend Round-Up for 2022

Having just returned from the major trade fairs of the year, I thought it would be good to do a quick roundup of the mid-year trends we've been seeing. We did a small prediction at the start of the year, but it's fun to add in a few things we can see happening and coming our way.

It was also quite lovely to be back at a trade fair in person after a few years of just online. To chat and catch up with lots of our lovely suppliers we deal with and to actually touch, feel and see lots of new beautiful products was a treat, and I didn't realise how much we missed it and what a difference touching and feeling really makes.

If you saw our stories on insta while we were at the fair you would have seen quite a few of the ideas and trends we were seeing. We thought we would do a slightly more comprehensive round up here as there was so much interest and comments on the stories!

When we head to trade fairs and think of our collections each year, overall we really want you to be able to choose pieces of homewares and furnishings for your home and bring them all together to create a comfortable space, layering them for style and interest and always being able to walk in and relax. We want to help you capture that sigh of relief as you come home, and make your space a place of joy and relaxation for you, your family and friends. We strive to find products for our store and studio that will mean you can do this, make your homes beautiful and genuinely get joy from them everyday.

So, here's the roundup!

Beautiful neutrals generally continue to be quite dominant, but there is also quite a bit of colour and beautiful mixes of colour really starting to shine through.  Now, if you aren't into doing lots of colour that's ok, but if do you love playing with colour, we've been seeing beautiful bright layers of cushions, throws, pictures, and ornaments around and they will start to really show through this summer.

There are still beautiful whites, creams and neutrals and I feel the whites are moving into a softer more winter white zone rather than the strong bright whites we have seen for the last few years. We're not heading back to the 80's creamy yellow whites, but rather for a slightly softer white that will mix and match easily. Definitely less grey whites and pure greys than we have seen in previous years.

I'm also really pleased to see some beautiful deep moody colours coming through. This is especially evident in the green zones, with more deep green velvets and french greeny-blues tones, plus a few olive greens.
It was also nice to see blues making a bit of a comeback. Again, I saw lots of playing around with deep moody blues for paint, cushions & some furnishings etc, but also blues in chinaware and lovely patterns for tabletops. 
I am still thinking pale blush pink, terracottas and those general colour tones will hold for a while yet, but we are also seeing lovely tans and ecru browns coming through. Don't panic, not in great swaths - but we may see these come through in more subtle ways, like in checks and fine stripes.

I'm pleased that we are definitely still seeing the influence from nature and natural textures and colour combinations from nature. We have always found inspiration from nature and the mixes of colours in nature and this will continue, especially for us at Verde. Botanicals will also come through a little and this might tie in with the brighter colours.

Layers of texture and tone are evident. Lovely boucle and slightly textured throws, furnishings and homewares are in abundance at the moment. Cashmere, wool and natural linen fibres are definitely still dominant. We continue to see lovely natural material like marble, travertine and beautiful stone for vases, bowls, tabletops and everyday uses like in bathrooms and kitchens etc. I'm loving seeing all this natural material being noticeable and available. We are still seeing natural wood used for the same pieces and also for shelving as a highlight. 

For something to look forward to, especially if you love a good table setting like I do, or beautiful afternoon tea settings, is some lovely tableware: larger bowls and beautiful servingware are starting to appear for tables and dressing the table. A lot of these pieces will be for everyday use as well as special occasions, and I'm seeing lots of lovely layers on the table with tablecloths and placements used together to great effect. Linen for napkins, tableware and for everyday use in the kitchen is becoming increasingly affordable, as well.

I was pleased to find quite a few pieces of newly designed, quite lovely furniture. Couches with lovely soft curves and lounge chairs that will mix and match into either a contemporary or traditional room. All the pieces appearing are eally comfortable and practical also.

And yes, definitely lots of utilitarian coming through! I love things that are beautiful and utilitarian at the same time - things that last for you, look good and are always useful.

There were beautiful faux flowers and good looking garden pots.  I'm so pleased to see larger pots now that are great for using inside or outside and look good either way. This means much less demarcation from inside to outside, so our outdoor spaces are really becoming an extension of our living spaces and are styled similarly - which is especially lovely as the warmer months start coming in. 
We are making our outdoor spaces more and more like an indoor space and an extension of where we live. Looking at incorporating beautiful outdoor lounges, chairs, and side tables is perfect for being able to relax and sit in the sun, and dine just as we would indoors. We've also been seeing great picnic gear with plastic glasses that look just like beautiful wine glasses that can be used outdoors and around the pool. I think this is perfect, and loved seeing so much beautiful outdoor ware. It was very inspiring for me, being into gardens, outdoor spaces and garden design. This has been coming for a while but it's starting to really feel like it's part of the home now rather than a bit of a quick trend.

And lastly, Christmas and gift giving! I know its way too early to talk about it really, but after so little decoration for Christmas available over the last few years, there will be beautiful trees and lights that will help create simple but really festive style. It's definitely something to look forward to - we can't wait for you to start seeing our Christmas collections. 

Have you been noticing some home and garden trends? We'd love to hear from you if you think we've missed a big up and comer! 

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