Tumut brooms - Australian made and amazing

Australia's best brooms!

If you haven't come across brooms from the Tumut factory in NSW, then we would love to introduce you to them.

We have proudly stocked these fabulous brooms for many years - since we were in the original little garden design studio in Warwick St. I recently saw them highlighted on an episode of Back Roads on the ABC and was so thrilled that they were given a special spot to show that they are thriving and continuing to make the best brooms in Australia!  

Every Tumut broom is hand-crafted in the original Tumut Millet Broom Factory, and they've been using the same techniques since they started in 1946. They have been using Australian locally grown millet for generations - and now the next generation has returned home to keep the factory and traditions alive.

Geoff and Rob - current expert broom makers - are true craftsmen and have been making brooms all their lives. Now they are taking the time for the next generation to learn the craft and the business, as Andrew has come home and is taken up the reins. This is a blessing as it has ensured the survival of the factory and means that we will be able to stock the brooms instore and online for many years to come (all going to plan!)

So, which broom to choose?

Each broom is a slightly different size and has been designed with a specific usage in mind, so our guide should help with choosing the best broom for your home (if you can stop at just one!). 

Woolshed Broom

The most popular of the range, the Woolshed features a strong cane centre, so it's ideal for sweeping outdoor areas and concrete surfaces. The added cane centre makes the broom incredibly sturdy - it almost stands up on it's own! This is the heaviest in weight in the range and the broom has 7 ties to bring the millet bristles together.

6-Tie Broom

Ever so slightly smaller than the Woolshed broom and a little bit lighter, the 6-tie is ideal for sweeping indoors. It's called the 6-tie as it has 6 lines of tieing to keep all the millet together. It doesn't have the additional cane bristles in the centre like the Woolshed does, so it's better for softer flooring. Personally, I find this one easiest to use, whereas my hubby likes the Woolshed better.  

Caravan Broom

Smaller again than the 6-tie and visibly smaller than the Woolshed, this handy smaller broom would absolutely be perfect in a caravan, but it would also work well for the little people in the house to get in and do the sweeping! It's petite, light weight and has a nice long handle, so is great for getting into smaller spaces and handy for corners and even cobwebs. Definitely worth having if the children can use it to help and be involved in the house.

The Whisk Broom (outdoor furniture broom!)

The little hand held broom is made specifically for nooks and crannies - it has a small handle for easy holding and use. It's great for sweeping down outdoor furniture, with a dust pan, or possibly even to beat the dust out of doormats and rugs.

Care Tips

While brooms are definitely made to be used everyday, the Tumut brooms will last a really long time - up to 30 years if properly cared for. You can't ask more than that!

Naturally brooms will wear down over time as they are made from natural materials, so try rotating the broom during use to encourage even wear. 

To ensure longevity, make sure to store your brooms inside away from rain and heavy moisture  to help prevent mould and mildew. 

Enjoy this very special broom - if you have one you will never go back to buying other non-hand-made versions again. We can promise you that!


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